Monday, August 19, 2013

Today's Plan

We like today's plan.  We're hoping no one goes off script!  This morning Zoe will have her discharge echo and X-ray to confirm all is well.  Next, some follow up planning to determine when we can head back to Phoenix.  We'd planned on sticking around a full week post discharge, but Zoe's recovery has been so tremendous, we may be able to squeeze in a follow up visit later this week and head home this weekend!  

Please send good vibes today that all goes as planned!  The pharmacy has our Rx's and is awaiting a thumbs up post-echo.

While you're thinking of Zoe today, please also send some good thoughts and prayers to her fellow HLHS buddy, Bodie, who is needing to head back to the OR this morning following his Fontan last week.  He needs his pacemaker adjusted and sadly must have his chest reopened.  His mom, Amy, is one of my dearest friends and could use the uplifting spirit of Team Zoe.  

  (Zoe and Bodie, First embrace, circa 2011)

We'll keep you posted.  For now, Zoe is passed out while the sun rises over downtown Philly. 

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