Monday, August 19, 2013

Hasta La Vista!

We stayed the course, and all is well.  Zoe woke to the echo tech, then the X-ray tech.  The echo tech showed us Zoe's repair.  Such an incredible sight to see!!!  It's truly remarkable.  

The best part, when the tech told Zoe that her "heart is smiling."  I laughed and he said, "no, I'm serious..." He turned the screen closer to me and pointed out the smiley face that her heart tissue formed on echo.  If I wasn't so ecstatic, I'm certain I'd have lost it right then and there.  I truly feel that Zoe's heart is smiling, so seeing that image (and I apologize in advance for not having my phone in hand to snap a photo) confirmed that her insides are just as happy as her outsides :)

               (Last chest X-ray!)

At morning rounds, the cardiac team continued to be blown away by Zoe's recovery.  We had a few candid conversations with practitioners who indicated the recovery is far superior to what they've seen as of late.  We are so stinking thrilled!

Zoe's cardiologist, Dr. Szwast, reviewed Zoe's pre-discharge echo this afternoon. The repair is perfect.  Her heart IS happy!

WE ARE FREE!!!  It's official... Less than one week post-Fontan and we're outta here!

Today, my wardrobe couldn't be more appropriate!  

We plan on enjoying Philly for a few days while we wait for Zoe's follow up appointment before we get the "all clear" to fly home.  Assuming no fluid accumulation around the lungs, we'll be back home this weekend!  

Aunt Stephie and Uncle Paul are coming Wednesday to help out with Zoe... but, instead of the original plan of being inpatient, we'll be able to visit, continue recovering and celebrate outside of CHOP!

Zoe is super excited to be leaving shortly.  She picked out her discharge outfit.  She thinks it's her perfect wardrobe for today - camo shorts and a Phillies tee!  


  1. Those are fantastic news! Keep it up Zoe!!, I end up in your blog randomly a few days ago, not eve remember how but since I start knowing your story I had been touch by your corauge and braveness, I haven't heard about HLHS before, how can this be possible whit too many babies dignosed each year!!! this has change my world totally, I'm from Mexico and know that if in your contry many people are unaware we might have a bigger problem here, at this point I'm inspire I'm researching how can I help from here to make awareness, and while searching I found this link

    This is a true miracle of how awarness, donations and research can make a difference.

    Good Job little Zoe! I'll pray for your continued recovery!

  2. YAY!!!! We are so happy for all of you!

  3. I am so flipping happy for you - and Zoes, you seriously could NOT be more beautiful!!! LOVE you!

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. I am so excited and thrilled for all of you!!!! Woohoo!!!! xoxoxo

  5. Amazing. Love love love it. Congratulations guys. Xoxo
    Molly, Brian, Haven, Ronan & Tommy