Thursday, August 15, 2013

Continued Progress

Yesterday was a busy day!  We started early with a chest X-ray which was a tad hazy, showing some fluid in Zoe's left lung.  Nothing too concerning for her medical team.  

Once Zoe woke at 6:30 am, the days mantra appeared to be "progress," starting with removal of her Foley cath.  Her vitals and rhythm were spot on, allowing for more progress - removal of her RA line and Fontan line.  

Around midday, the physical therapist came by to get Zoe out of bed.  Instead of propping her up in a chair as planned, Zoe insisted on taking a walk!  The girl is less than 24 hours post open heart surgery and out in the halls walking!  

The day's mantra continued with removal of the IV in her foot and Art Line.  She began feeling more freedom and we could tell she was much more jovial (yep, jovial)!  

Caleb and "uncle" Brian insisted that mom get out of the hospital and get some fresh air.  Of course, as soon as I left, a special visitor stopped by!  Someone who is rarely seen at the patient's bedside during recovery...

Definitely felt one of my top bucket list items was fulfilled after getting this picture of Zoe and her hero/surgeon, Dr. Spray, via text. 

At this point, we're pretty much ready to leave the cardiac intensive care unit and move to step-down but bed space is tight so we'll remain in this room, hopefully discharge soon straight from the CICU. 

The goal from here is continued progress - getting Zoe's bowels active and slow the drainage from her chest cavity.  All-in-all, she is fast-tracking this recovery!  

Uncle Brian and I did another reiki session late last night for continued healing.  Zoe sure takes the energy well... This morning's chest X-ray was improved.  Sadly, her last IV went bad and the stick team came to replace it at 6:00 am (mommy tried to battle, but lost the fight).  I was hoping we could bypass re-insertion but the team wants another placed as her chest drainage is a bit more than we'd like.  Since ceasing the drainage is our ticket outta here, I figured it wasn't a good fight from my end.

Today's plan, more walking, less drainage and more rest for Zoe.  She's not been sleeping well and wants to just play, play, play!  


  1. Such great news! Love it!! Hugs.

  2. Keep At It Angel Girl! Love To All

  3. Really Great News! So happy to see Zoe looking so comfortable. The "celebrities" always stop by when the mommy steps away, Murphy's law I guess. Positive thoughts still coming your way.
    xoxox Kristen @ One in 1 Hundred

  4. Isn't the whole thing just mind-blowing? I cannot believe Zoe was willing to walk so quickly with the line in her foot! Haven walked very soon post-op as well but not before that pesky line was taken out :) It just continues to amaze me how these little ones take all this on and bounce back like that do, all the smiles and all the play, play, play. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you (and her) have had your moments - but you can't deny these pictures! It's truly a miracle. I am beyond thrilled for you all on this Fontan experience. xoxoxo Molly