Friday, August 16, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

Yesterday, Zoe continued to make progress in her recovery.  Due to a lack of "ins" and being "negative," meaning she was giving more output (urine/drainage) than taking fluids, she won herself IV fluids again.  Hoping more drinking today and we can turn it off.  

Zoe did a good amount of walking yesterday.  She certainly doesn't want to hang out in her room much... I don't blame her!  

We'll likely spend a good part of the day in the playroom today and we plan to head to step down with a room opening up soon. 

The best news yesterday... Zoe finally pooped!  She's been really uncomfortable and complaining her belly hurt.  With help from some yoga poses, reiki and glycerin, she got her bowels moving!  So, we're expecting a good day today.  Full steam ahead for Miss Zoe!  

Goals are:  more eating and drinking and less drainage from her chest.  

Overall, the team is really happy with her progress and have no real concerns.  

I have a feeling, this "Doc" may be seen wandering the CICU halls later today...

Thank you all for your continued good thoughts and prayers.  Besides a lack of sleep, we're all doing quite well!


  1. Sleep. You don't need no stinkin' sleep. Lol. Continuing positive energy and will add "thirsty" to it. :) Go, Zoe!

  2. xoxo, Team Zoe!! -CML