Saturday, August 17, 2013

Evening Update and The Voice

Rounds in the step sown unit didn't happen until late (around midnight), so we didn't take part.  Morning rounds with the attending will be much more informative.  

Zoe is recovering brilliantly.  She continues to do well.  Frankly, she's ready to leave, but for the chest tube, which hardly drained anything at all today.  We are hopeful they'll remove the chest tube tomorrow.  An early morning chest x-ray will confirm for sure if it's ready to come out.  So, we'll certainly have more information after morning rounds.  

On a totally random note, a couple of years ago, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation built a recording/broadcast studio, located in the lobby of CHOP, called The Voice.  CHOP consistently has celebrities visit the studio to entertain and raise the morale of the many patients at the hospital.  On Friday, we had the opportunity to meet actor/musician Jesse McCartney and DJ Pauly D from The Jersey Shore.  While Zoe has no idea who they are, we thought it would be cool to get autohraphed pictures for her.  

Stacey and Jesse McCartney

Caleb and DJ Pauly D
The autographed photo DJ Pauly D signed for Zoe
Hopefully, we will have good news to report after morning rounds, i.e. that the chest tube will come out.  We'll update after rounds. 

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  1. Fun! I'm with Zoe--I had to look up GTL and figure out who Jesse McCartney is! LOL