Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Uncle" Brian

What can I say, other than... this blog post is dedicated to my BFF, Brian Golub, who put his life on hold for a week to be here with Zoe, Caleb and myself during Zoe's Fontan and recovery.

He's been nothing short of a miracle-worker these past few days - giving reiki, holding Zoe in yoga poses to help her bowels, making her laugh and holding beauty parlor hours.

I know that his presence made a huge difference in Zoe's recovery.  

Just days before Zoe's Fontan, Brian received his Reiki Master attunement and is full of healing energy.  I sure wish everyone going thru something similar had an "Uncle Brian."  They're definitely kindred spirits and feed off each other's positive energy. 


I could tell, this afternoon, when Brian left us to head to the airport, both of their spirits were a bit deflated.  Here they are, two peas in a pod, bidding a gracious farewell.  Thank you so much, Brian, for your undying commitment to Zoe.  Our deepest gratitude.

Another HUGE thank you, to my parents, who've been taking such good care of Emerson while we've been in Philadelphia.  Emmy started school (twice over)... long story... and my mom and dad have been troopers.  We're missing Emmy really bad and thinking we'll be seeing her sooner than later!

Emmy mailing Zoe a handmade card. (Thanks Atherton Family for thinking of Emmy!)

Zoe's doing fabulous.  She walked all the way to the atrium, up two flights of stairs and back to her room.  If you know CHOP's layout, that's a huge feat!  Dr. Spray's physician's assistant stopped by today and mentioned that they've "never seen a post-Fontan patient walk the day after surgery," on their own accord.  The entire cardiac team is amazed at her speedy recovery, will and determination.

Walking around feeling satisfied!
When we returned to Zoe's room, she decided to chill out and start stringing her Beads of Courage.  She's simply incredible.  Caleb and I couldn't be more proud of her and we know she has a full life ahead of her; she's going to do incredible things!

It appears that we're on the road to discharge soon.  Zoe's IVs have been removed and we're counting the last of the drainage from her chest tube.  I'm feeling removal is coming soon (perhaps tomorrow).  She's transitioned to all oral medications and we received a list of her discharge medications today - routine for CHOP a few days before discharge.

Many thanks, to all of you, for the continued love and support.  We really feel blessed to have you on this journey with us.  We felt surrounded by all of you during this hospitalization, making us stronger and wiser.

Caleb will blog later tonight after rounds and include some entertaining pictures from yesterday.  Until then...


  1. thank you for letting us share in this journey with you. So happy that all is going well. xoxo -CML
    (I said I would 'hold you all in the light'--I think there must be halos!! and sunburst energy)>

  2. Knowing Brian and just how magical he is, this post made me tear up a bit. I think we are all blessed to have someone like him in our lives. Stacy, You and your family have been in my thoughts daily and I hold you in the highest regards for the strength that is required to fight for this most honorable cause. I appreciate and honor the example that the two of you set for us on a daily basis.

    All my heart.

  3. I am AMAZED at how well Zoey looks and is doing!!! She is seriously rocking her fontan!!!