Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to Normal

Prior to Zoe's Fontan, based on stories I'd heard, I figured it would take a week or so for Zoe to return to her normal self.  Well, that simply isn't the case. 

She woke this morning, happy as a clam - talking about how we need to bring Emmy next time we come to Philadelphia.  She insisted on going for a walk today, so we did.  Lots and lots of walking (with Zoe mainly in the stroller). Hard to believe she's not had any pain medication (including Tylenol) since Sunday evening!

We decided to do some sightseeing and check out historical sites we've not been to, but always had on our list of "things to do... next time."

Zoe, the incredible trooper, insisted on riding the carousel in Franklin Square, shared my hot dog and fries and played mini-golf.  Seriously, this girl was in the Operating Room a week ago today having her chest opened!

Yes, this seal was sanitized!
18 Holes of Mini-Golf (we did skip a few)...
Not following the "no arms above head" rule.

We also visited a place Caleb wanted to check out - City Tavern.  It's the oldest pub in the United States, opening in 1773 and site of the first 4th of July celebration.  They serve beer made from recipes of George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton.  We decided to get a flight, since we wanted to try them all. Pretty darn good!

Flight of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Hamilton brews

As we were walking around the city, Zoe said to me, "Mom, I'm glad I got my heart fixed."  All this time, I worried she would be angry and sad that we forced this journey upon her.  Today, she showed me that her soul runs deeper than I could've imagined.  She feels good, and is happy.

One of my favorite moments today, Zoe walking in Elfreth's Alley - the oldest residential street in the United States.  She walked up to this house and asked, "Is this Obama's house?"  Apparently, the oldest residential street isn't impressive enough, she wants to go straight to the big house...

Elfreth's Alley
Zoe's favorite on Elfreth's Alley, "Obama's House"

Tomorrow is Zoe's post-op follow up appointment with her cardiologist at CHOP.  We expect nothing but good news.  It's a bit surreal still; we couldn't be more pleased.  We're very much looking forward to heading home this weekend and seeing Emerson.  We've done lots of Skyping this past week, but I really could use a BIG HUG from this sweet princess!

See you soon, Emmy!


  1. Love! So happy that she is doing well! She really is a joy!