Monday, August 12, 2013

MRI & Cath (is a go)

We just spoke with Dr. Glatz, Zoe's interventional cardiologist, who reviewed the preliminary results of this morning's MRI of Zoe's heart.  He indicated that everything looked good on the MRI, but some slight narrowing of the left pulmonary artery remains; he also saw a decent amount of collaterals.

Zoe's left pulmonary artery has a history of narrowing.  In September of 2010, Dr. Spray performed the hemi-Fontan, instead of the Glenn, since her left pulmonary artery was narrowed, and went ahead and patched the artery to the lung.  Later,  in July of 2011, Dr. Glatz observed further narrowing during a cath and ballooned it open to increase blood flow.  On today's MRI, he didn't think it looked narrowed enough that it would require intervention, but suggested there was a possibility Dr. Spray may want to patch it again tomorrow, which ads a step to the Fontan.  He'll consult with Dr. Spray during the cath, if necessary, once he's inside her pulmonary arteries/heart.  

Because of the amount of presence of collateral vessels, he indicated he planned to go ahead and coil/embolize.  The theory is that by coiling, it lowers the pulmonary pressures, which can lessen the most common side effect of the Fontan, fluid retention in the chest.  

Because of the cath and intervention, Zoe will spend the night in the hospital tonight and have her Fontan first thing in the morning.  She may experience lowered oxygen saturations tonight and low-grade fever due to the coiling.

We'll get the next update in about an hour.

Zoe and Lambsie getting ready for their MRI/Cath


  1. Love from Pennsylvania. Jillian and Aurelia will be there Friday to send our prayers and hugs in person (should it be opportune to do so - we know how THAT is).

    We are all with you Zoe! You will ROCK this! GIRL POWER!

  2. Thanks for the update...continuing to pray!

  3. Praying for your beautiful little fire cracker. She will do amazing. Hopefully she has minimal fluid because of the intervention. Love you guys.

  4. That would be great to prevent fluid. Where's the gorked out picture =)

  5. Thank you for the updates! Thinking of you and sending love and positive energy non-stop! Love.Love.Love.Love