Sunday, August 18, 2013

Drumroll, Please...

This morning's chest x-ray looked great and Zoe's chest tube was removed about 10 minutes ago!  We now have no tethers, except her ECG leads.  Can you feel it?  We just took a huge leap towards discharge.  Another chest x-ray in a few minutes to confirm all looks good post chest tube removal, then morning rounds to find out "the plan."  We still need labs, an echo and to get all of our medications squared away.  I'm not going to speculate on a discharge day as all heart moms know that's bad juju, but it's soon...  LESS THAN ONE WEEK POST-FONTAN!

Zoe, you're incredible!  Another update coming after rounds...


  1. Zoe IS incredible!! (Kudos to Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and "uncle" Brian too!) You all ROCK!!

  2. So awesome! So happy for you! Tears of joy in my eyes for your family! Way to go Zoe! Heart Hugs from AZ.

    Michelle ~ Alexa's mommy