Monday, August 12, 2013

Intervention, Scratch That!

We were told to expect our first cath update an hour into the procedure.  At just shy of an hour, they came out to tell us they were done and didn't move forward with any interventions.   Dr. Glatz explained that while the left pulmoary artery was slightly narrowed, it didn't cause any blood flow issues.  He also explained that the pressures from her heart/pulmonary arteries were in the average range, and the percentage of her blood flow travelling through her collateral arteries was slightly lower than last time, thus no need to coil.

Regardless of the lack of intervention, because they performed a cath, Zoe needs to lie flat for 6 hours.  We're three and a half hours in, so just two and a half more to go.  She's doing well, but a little puffy and groggy from the anesthesia.  We had one minor incident with some bleeding from the groin site, but it's ceased.  Right now, she's more concerned about which band aid she has on her neck cath site. 

We'll stay inpatient overnight and Zoe will be prepped for surgery bright and early tomorrow morning.

Please send good thoughts for Zoe to remain comfortable throughout the rest of today and for a successful surgery tomorrow. 


  1. hang in there Zoe! We are all rootin for you here

  2. I second the "Yay for no intervention."! Hang in there, Zoes! And keep them on their toes - make sure they're following your orders about band-aids and such - a girl has a right. Go, Zoe! Go, Zoe! Go, Zoe!