Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zoe loves Mia...

Zoe and the rest of the Lihn Clan are wearing their Pink for Mia today.

After Zoe's diagnosis (in utero), I was blessed to find some wonderful moms who were dealing with my exact situation - a prenatal diagnosis which rocked our worlds. Jennifer Marrone, Mia's mom, is one of those moms whom I've come to know very well. We shared our fears during our pregnancies and delivered our babies within a week of each other at CHOP. We fought through surgeries and complications. Once we both returned home with our CHD fighters, we communicated about our daily lives and how they've changed. We continued to speak of our fears. The fear of losing a child. Although we knew the risks, we never thought (or perhaps were in denial) that one of our CHD Warriors would lose their battle. Sadly (a gross understatement), Mia Grace Marrone lost her battle with HLHS just a few days shy of her 3 month birthday.

We love you Jen, Ray, Madden and Cole and will never forget Miss Mia. She's touched so many in such a short time. You'll always be a part of our family.

With our deepest sympathies,
Stacey, Caleb, Emerson and Zoe


  1. Beautiful Picture Stacey. Zoe looks amazing! She is getting so big. Mia will be in our hearts forever. Ms. Zoe owns a big chunk as well. Heart Hugs!

  2. Our condolences to Mia's family. My team took a picture today wearing pink visors and I am going to email it to the family so they know folks everywhere are sending them heart hugs. Beautiful picture of you and your girls, btw! And I adore the one of Zoe holding the heart for Mia.

  3. So touching, Stace. I wore pink today too :) I need to go make a sign and take a picture so I can email it to them. They don't know me, but I am sure they will be happy to know that people across the country are thinking of Mia.