Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pink for Mia


Please wear pink tomorrow in memory of Mia Grace Marrone - it is her 3 month birthday.

She fought a courageous battle against HLHS in her short 87 days of life.

You can easily participate in making this memory for her parents.

Let's show her parents, Jennifer & Ray Marrone, how many lives a 3 month old can touch!

Take a picture of yourself wearing pink (shirt, outfit, headband, tie, etc) - include your kids, dog, cat, entire family! You can choose to hold her name written on a piece of paper or you can get creative and spell it out however you like... take a picture of that, too! Please just participate!

Please email all photos to

Please invite ALL of your friends, regardless of whether or not you know this family personally - let's make this HUGE! Post it as your facebook status, tweet about it, blog about - just get the word out!

Thanks for remembering Mia Grace. We love her and her family who need a lot of prayers and support.

The Lihns

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