Sunday, July 4, 2010


Unfortunately, late yesterday afternoon, Caleb received a phone call from the skilled nursing facility where Jackie was transferred on Thursday. Jackie's nurse informed Caleb that his mom was once again non-responsive. Just earlier that morning she was up walking with assistance and conversing. Caleb requested that Jackie be taken to St. Joseph's Hospital (a request previously made and denied by Banner Thunderbird.) For those of you who do not live in Arizona, St. Josephs' Barrow Neurological Institute is top ranked in the country - sort of like the CHOP of the southwest for neurological issues.

Caleb drove to St. Joe's and spoke with ER nurses and doctors. Jackie underwent a series of tests in the ER and then was admitted to the neurotelemetry unit. The neurologists at Barrows hope to give us an answer - currently they are speculating some sort of neurodegenerative disease. We hope that in the next few days we'll know what is causing her rapidly declining health.

Zoe has taken two doses of her Digoxin and appears to be tolerating it well. She's been sleeping a lot today - so I think she's having another growth spurt.

Tonight, Caleb, Emerson and I are going out (yes, out of the house) to see fireworks. I'm so excited! Thanks to my parents for offering to hang out with Zoe while we get some Emmy time.

As always, we'll keep you posted on the Lihns and our rapid, turbulant rollercoaster ride.


  1. Enjoy the fireworks and Emmy!

  2. hope you guys had a great holiday!! my lil one was on dig...and responded great..i will pray zoe reasponds the my thougths a prayers!!