Saturday, July 25, 2009

Strawberry Goodness

Last weekend we trekked up north for a weekend at the cabin. Leaving the heat behind, we were able to log some outdoor time.

Grandma and Grandpa took Emmy on a tour of their garden.

We celebrated Caleb's birthday, read books, relaxed and took part in a pool tourney. Who knew Preacher Karen was such a pool shark?!

In the morning, Emmy and Grandma sat at the table and watched the squirrels take peanuts off the deck.

Later, Grandpa and Emmy took a walk in Grandpa's new grass.

Emmy semi-cooperated for some family photos. We thought the pine cones would keep her enticed, but no such luck. She just wanted down to explore.

Then it was time to head back to the Valley. We weren't too happy leaving the cool pines, but will return to Northern Arizona in early August for Cardinals' Training Camp. Emmy has been anxiously awaiting camp since she sat on the couch last year and watched her Cards lose the Superbowl. Here's to another great year of football!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The F Words

Father's Day and Fireworks. No, no potty mouth for Emmy, but I thought that would grab your attention.

This wasn't officially Caleb and Emmy's first Father's Day, but it was the first that Emmy could really get out and celebrate. We went out for brunch mid-morning and met up with Grandpa later on for dinner.

After dinner, we took some family photos outside.

Daddies kissing their little girls

Later that night, Daddy read Emmy her favorite book.

In between the F words, Emmy practiced her mobility. She wants to practice walking anytime she can. Her knees were getting so red, I put her kneepads on, but she just tore them off anyway.

On the Fourth of July, we took Emmy out to see fireworks. We brought our chairs and sat, waiting for the big show.

I remembered hating the loud booms when I was a child and thought Emmy would cry. I covered her ears, but soon she got used to the noise.

Emmy was mesmorized by the flashes of light.

By the end of the show, Emmy was beat down. It was hot and nearly 3 hours past her bedtime.

After sitting in the parking lot, waiting for traffic to clear, Emmy was out like a light. It was a Happy Fourth of July.