Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Parents Magazine Cover Contest

We entered Ms. Emerson because she's so darn cute!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring, Sprang

Our first Easter with Emerson. I had such high hopes, but Emmy didn't like the Bunny, at all.

We had brunch at the Buttes with Grandma Lihn.

At home, we took Emmy to the park for some Easter play and dress up.

Then, after a quick catnap, it was off to the Greats for Easter dinner.

Last weekend, Caleb, Emmy and I participated in Pat's Run. We donned our maroon and gold and joined thousands of fellow Tillman supporters. Emmy and I beat Caleb. Sorry honey, had to mention it!

The remainder of the weekend, we relished the great weather (which lasted only a few more days) and lounged by the pool.

The month of May is quite hectic for us. Emmy is staying with Grandma and Grandpa while Caleb and I celebrate our 10-year anniversary in Maui. Then, when we get home, it's time to celebrate Emerson's first birthday. I can't believe my little baby is turning ONE!!! It seems like it was just yesterday...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just Couldn't Resist...

A few pictures of Ms. Emerson that I had to post, just because she's so adorable! Now that the weather is absolutely perfect, Emmy loves spending time outside. She watches the wildlife, stares in amazement as the wind blows through the trees and desperately wants to pick mommy's spring flowers.

But this morning, the rain came. Emmy went on the patio with me and watched the rain fall from the roof.

I told her we couldn't play outside today, so we sauntered back in the house for breakfast. Emmy ate her first big girl breakfast - bananas and cheerios. Looks like she's attempting a kosher meal; except for the fact that she's eating off of a pink pig plate.

Bath time is always fun on a rainy day.

And so is hanging out with Brooks.

Rain today, gone tomorrow. A bright and sunny Easter is on the horizon!