Saturday, July 3, 2010

Game Plan

We have one as of this morning. Zoe will start on an alternative medication, Digoxin, in hopes that it will help her heart function. If it does not improve on the Digoxin, the next step is to admit her into the hospital (likely Phoenix Children's) and administer Captopril. The hospitalization is necessary to monitor her blood pressure while administering and balancing the Captopril. Mommy REALLY, REALLY does not want Zoe hospitalized, so let's all pray that the Digoxin does the trick. According to her cardiologists, some babies respond well to Digoxin, others do not. Some respond well to Captopril, others do not. With heart babes, its really a juggling act - as we know all too well.

I am glad we have a game plan in place, which will start this evening. We will know on July 14th (Zoe's next appointment and ECHO) if her heart function improves. We have a week and a half to pray people, so let's make it happen!

Happy 4th from the Lihns!

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