Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crazy Days

It's been far too long since I posted... My apologies.
All is wonderful in the land of Lihn.  We're busy beavers - traveling, filming (yes, more to come on that later), living and working. 

We took Emerson to the Polar Express this winter and she LOVED the fresh snow!

Sledding at Northern Arizona University

The holidays involved some sick little girls and our New Year was spent up north at my parent's cabin.  A three day weekend away in the pines felt just right - and Zoe had no issues with the hightened elevation.

Between work, nonprofit adventures and family (in no particular order!), I've been beyond swamped - hence the month-long hiatus.

Zoe is not due to cardiology until April and we're hoping that appointment will give us good foresight for her final staged reconstruction, the Fontan (intracardiac, fenestrated lateral tunnel for those in the know).  It's hard to believe that Zoe is 17 months post-op already.  When the doctors told us that "Post-Glenn" was a time to relax, breathe and enjoy, they weren't joking.  It's been wonderful; we're so blessed to have a fairly uncomplicated post-hemi fontan journey.

Looking ahead is scary... so I won't.  At least not now, not today.

Emmy began ballet this past weekend.  She surprised me by being a great student.  I had no baseline to compare to, because she's been reclusive since Zoe's birth (not by choice).  She raised her hand, answered questions, followed Miss Suzie's directions and participated with all the little ballerinas.  Although, after just one 30 minute ballet class, I'm convinced she's built more like a soccer player than a ballerina. 

Showing off her new moves
As cold and flu season is beginning to hit hard, we'll likely be staying close to home for the next month or two.  We've already begun entertaining ourselves in the house - Dad mimicks a pretty great roller coaster via Costco Baby Wipes.

Until next time...

Live, laugh and love well,
The Lihns