Friday, July 23, 2010

The Big Ten!

At this rate, Zoe will weigh more than her older sister in no time! Zoe weighed in today at 10 pounds! She continues to do well eating and gaining weight. At the beginning of our journey, even before Zoe was born, I was certain weight gain would be our biggest hurdle. Emerson ate terribly (and still does) but Zoe turned out to be just the opposite.

So here she is, our 10-pound CHD warrior. She doesn't look so tough in this photo, but boy is she CUTE!

Life around the Lihn household remains stressful, but we're enjoying every moment we spend with our girls. They're such a joy!

Emerson seems to realize that Zoe is here to stay. I catch her checking to see where Zoe is during the day. Or perhaps she's just trying to hijack her things. I've caught her more than once...

Emmy, who apparently doesn't get out enough, has become really good friends with Lambsie (x3), Frog and Monkey. She loves to read them stories, push them around in her grocery cart and take naps with them.

Please continue praying for our 10-pounder. She seems to be struggling with reflux the last week-plus. To be 100% certain her issues are gastrointestinal and not cardiac, we'll be taking her to the cardiologist on Monday for a check up and ECHO. While you're praying or meditating, just picture this sweet little face and send a special message for Zoe's continued healing and happiness.

Much love,
The Lihns


  1. They are both so precious, Stacey. Much love and hugs coming your way always.

  2. Oh Stacey, I cannot get over how wonderful Zoe looks and 10lbs. she is catching up to her bff Jake for sure. Emmy I am sure is enjoying being the big sister. She is so adorable. My love to you and to your very special family! <3 Hugs