Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Hearty Performance

Today, Zoe had a follow up cardiology appointment. Our nerves were on edge for this visit. As you recall, nearly two weeks ago, the echocardiogram revealed decreased heart function. As a result, after Zoe's Arizona and Philadelphia cardiologists put their heads together, Zoe was prescribed Digoxin, a medicine used to treat heart failure.

So, today's plan included a follow up echo to evaluate if the Digoxin improved the heart function. After an EKG, a dozen attempts to obtain blood pressure, and the echo, we learned from Dr. Stock that Zoe's heart function was indeed improved. In fact, he said it appears to be within normal range. Way to go Zoe! Or way to go Digoxin! Either way, today's visit yielded only good news. What a nice change.

Zoe continues to eat very well, which means she continues to gain weight. Our little chunker is already a tad over nine and a half pounds. The Glenn surgery will be scheduled for sometime in mid-September. The goal weight for that surgery is eleven pounds. Zoe is well on her way to exceeding that goal.

All in all, Zoe is kicking butt. Please continue, however, to pray and send good thoughts for an uneventful couple months, as we approach the Glenn.

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