Sunday, April 20, 2014

Live it Happy

One thing I've often heard, from some wise cardiac practitioners, is:  "Families whose HLHS child is doing well, are not sharing their journeys online - they're busy living their lives."  I always thought, "yeah, that's probably true..."

Well, it must be true. 

My last blog update was in January!  We've certainly been busy living our lives.

Life post-Fontan is beautiful.  We've very much settled into normalcy.  Zoe is doing incredible.  We actually saw this (a definite first) last week:

100% oxygen saturation!!!
Zoe had a cardiology appointment in early March and Dr. Stock was impressed with her clinical presentation - so much so, she bypassed an echo.  She'll have another full work up before starting pre-K this fall.  Yep, my baby is going to school!

This spring, we were blessed to finally meet a few HLHS families we've known via social media, but never had the opportunity to meet in person.  We're thankful we live in Arizona where so many love to come and visit!

Jozie (North Dakota) and Zoe

Zoe, Will (Iowa), and Emmy
With the continued "spirit of living" narrative, we've spent some time up north, in Strawberry.

Papa and Emmy play badminton
Thus far, spring in Arizona is treating us well.  We have a few trips planned this year, mom has some speaking engagements lined up and dad is being admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in June.  All in all, 2014 is another year to live well and be happy.
How could we not - with these two smiling, silly, and incredible little girls?!

May, our busiest time of year, will bring many more smiles.  Two birthdays, one anniversary (15 big ones for Caleb and I), and a Kindergarten graduation. 

As we near summertime in Arizona (ouch), please join us in our summertime mantra!