Monday, March 16, 2009

Petite Princess

Our little girl is already 10 months old, even though she's the same size as her fellow 6/7 month-old playmates. Time has really flown these past few months. Emerson continues to take after her mom in height and weight. She's able to stand while holding on and loves sitting in a highchair at restaurants. She people watches through dinner and mommy and daddy have to remind her to "MYOB" (Mind your own business.)

In February, Emmy visited Daddy's new office. We'll be encouraging med school over law school!

At Busy Bodies, Emmy is a "jellybean" (a planned play group near our house.) She likes the bright colors and toys and, again, LOVES to observe the other kids. I'd love to know what she's thinking!

Emerson continues to believe that crawling is overrated. She's quite content observing from afar; unless you're a Cheerio. If you ask mommy, her arms are too tiny to hold up that noggin. She loves bubble baths and playing with her bath toys. She kicks, splashes and then laughs at herself. She's quite the ham.

In early March, Emmy and I were on our own. Caleb went to Prescott for a 2 week trial. He and his partner worked 24/7 and gained great trial experience. Unfortuantely, the outcome didn't reflect their efforts. They still managed to hit Whiskey Row after the verdict though.

On St. Patty's Day, Emerson Kennedy wore green (but admittedly went out for Mexican food.)

She played with Grandpa...

and let Mommy experiment with our new camera (for a few minutes anyway.)

Stay tuned for upcoming events: Pat's Run (onesie ready) and swim lessons!