Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Visit to Remember

This afternoon, I sat and reflected on our recent trip to Philadelphia. While looking through each photo taken, I relieved each memory, feeling pain, anxiousness, happiness and joy. One day, in particular, brought me some serious entertainment.

One of Zoe's biggest fans, "uncle" Brian came to see his 11-pound hero post-surgery. This was Brian's third time (yes, i said third; he is really lucky) visiting with Zoe. For this visit, Brian brought his friend, Mike.

Uncle Brian and Mike are entertainers, literally. Click here. During this visit, Uncle Brian and Mike did not disappoint.

We were four days post-op. I'd spent the night at the hospital, knowing we were having visitors the next morning. I woke early and walked to the Ronald McDonald House for a quick shower. On my return, I knew our guests beat me to the hospital. I expected them to be in Zoe's room, marveling at her beauty. Instead, as I walked down the hall, I see Uncle Brian hovering over Mike, who is slumped over (no joke) in a chair just outside Zoe's door. I thought to myself, "oh, how sweet, they waited for me before going in." Not so much. As I got closer, I see that Mike is completely pale, orange juice in hand. Uncle Brian looks at me and said, "I don't know what is wrong with him." Nurses and doctors surrounded Mike.

"Do you have any medical conditions we should be aware of?"

"Has anything like this happened to you before?"

"Are you having any changes in vision?"

"Let's get you a wheelchair."

"Come, lay down in this room for a bit."

"Let's get his blood pressure."

After a box of OJ and a quick nap, Mike was feeling better. The nurses were not convinced. Security was called and a stretcher appeared. "Mike, we're going to take you next door to get checked out." For those of you who know Uncle Brian, you'll get a kick out of this... Brian, immediately shouts, "No, no. We don't have insurance!" The nurses and doctors insisted Mike go to HUP (Univ of Penn's Hospital). Brian insisted right back, "we don't have any insurance. I know one pill in this place costs 400 dollars!" After sitting bedside with Zoe for 5 days straight, this was very entertaining. I regrettably did not have the camera ready and missed out on some serious photo ops.

Mike sat in his wheelchair and recovered.

Eventually, security left, nurses retreated one by one and the stretcher disappeared.

What was Mike's problem you ask? No idea. I think he took one look at Zoe and was breathless. She is quite gorgeous (or perhaps it was the large incision on her chest.) Uncle Brian thought he pinched a nerve in his back. Hmmmm...good one.

Throughout the day, nurses popped in and out, asking how "your friend Mike" is. When Mike's nurses were leaving for shift change, they came in to ask if he was ok and get an update. For those of you wondering how Mike is, he's just fine. As soon as he left the hospital, he felt better...or his pinched nerve miraculously healed.

Despite Mike's ailments, we were able to snap some great photos of the visit. Zoe and Uncle Brian seem to understand each other quite well. Whenever he's around, Zoe stares into his eyes. She knows he loves her dearly.

(A recreation of the ailing Mike)

When Uncle Brian and Mike return to visit Zoe for her Fontan, I'll be sure to have the camera ready!

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  1. Oh my....ok I didn't know whether to laugh or gasp out of fear for what was wrong with Mike. Quite the characters Zoe has comment o visit her. Love the comment about the $400 pill.