Saturday, October 2, 2010

How is Zoe?

Simply put, Zoe is doing great. As a mom who has spent the last 4 months fearing for her child's life, on a daily basis, and pleading with all powers that be to spare Zoe's life, it is difficult for me to say she is doing "great." I fear that if I let my guard down too much, someone will rush in and cause us harm. I do realize I cannot live life this way and try each day to lower my emotional guard, little by little. This is not an easy task.

For the past week, we've been enjoying the post-Hemi life. No logging feeds, weight, oxygen sats or heart rates. Just an occassional check here and there. Zoe's oxygen remains consistent and, as her cardiologist promised, a spotty appetite until she settles fully.

Zoe has not had any pain medication, including tylenol, in the last 48 hours. Other than teething, she seems to be pain-free. Her scar is healing well. Next week, she'll have her second post-op ECHO to check on heart function and the status of her pulmonary arteries. Of course, with Zoe, there is always something to "watch for." The knowledge that Zoe's left pulmonary artery remains on the smaller side and her descending aorta naturally narrowing sticks in my mind, like a bur in my sock.

Emerson is growing quite fond of her sister. She is more than aware that Zoe is special and we're teaching her, slowly, just how special her sister is.

As I mentioned, Zoe is teething. Every time I turn around, she's got something in her mouth. OCD mommy has warm soapy water in the sink nearly 24/7.

Through her discomfort, Zoe manages to give us big smiles.

And the biggest, prettiest eyes ever.

I think in this picture, Zoe is trying to tell her mommy to relax and take it easy.

If she can do it, so can I!


  1. She is SO precious!!! It's easier to lighten up as time passes, but you'll never get back to "normal". I would never take my kids to play at the mall, or a fast food play place, and I'll always clorox wipe the rides at amusement parks and movie theatres. It's a new way of life!

  2. so happy to her all the positive news..your girls are BEAUTIFUL..u are truely blessed.xox

  3. She looks so wonderful! Those eyes are beautiful. Life after the hemi is so different and so great, isn't it? We have been surprised at how normal life is now. So glad she is doing so well!!