Sunday, October 17, 2010


They do happen, right? Well, we need one.

Our, and I say our, because she is part of our family, Emma needs a MIRACLE.

I received a call from Emma's mom, Christina, last night. She was on her way to CHOP at midnight after receiving a call about Emma's declining health.

For those of you new to my blog, our family met Christina and Emma at CHOP before Zoe was born. Christina and Emma have been there from the beginning.

(CHOP Heart Moms, Christina is on my 39.5 weeks pregnant left.)

Emma is a fighter, but this morning her mom let us know that doctors do not expect her to survive the day. They are removing her from the ventilator and letting Christina hold and comfort her until she passes.

Please join me in sending love and light to Christina, Emma and Emma's siblings, Jazzy and Ryan.

Emma has lived most of her days (365-plus) at CHOP. She is a fellow HLHS child who has fought this CHD battle for months. She's been awaiting her new heart, but was taken off the transplant list due to her ailing health. Last night, her heart rate skyrocketed to 230 and blood pressure dropped.

Please take a moment today to say a prayer, meditate and surround this family with love.

We love you Emma Grace.

(Emma, always smiling in the halls of CHOP.)


  1. Absolutely heartbreaking. Their family is in my prayers.

  2. I am so sad for the family. They will definitely be in my prayers

  3. The family is in my prayers!