Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy Beavers

If I could find a way to add, at minimum, 5 more hours to my day, that would be great.

Since starting back at work (from home), I am running in circles.

Zoe is doing well. She continues to gain weight (6.01 kg, which equates to 13.22 pounds). Her volume intake is lower than many heart babies, but she is gaining weight so...

It is very confusing and stressful being a mom to a heart babe. This last week, Zoe's had some congestion. I think it may just be from teething. No fevers, irritability, etc. Who do I call? The pediatrician? The cardiologist?

We were told, before Zoe was born, to treat everything as cardiac first. So, I contacted our cardiologist first, pediatrician second. Sometimes I think I'm overkill, but with her being just one month post-op, I'm not taking any chances.

Zoe started solid foods last week. She took to it much faster than Emerson, who screamed the first several times we fed her oatmeal.

(Started off strong...)

(Then, quickly hit the wall...)

Zoe seemed to like the cereal, until her reflux reared its ugly head after a few days. Again, I'm not convinced it is reflux. It could be teething. When she is screaming and coughing, I just wish she could tell me what is wrong.

This last weekend, my parents bailed us out while we went on a much-needed date. We went out for dinner and then, to Target. Yep, Target. Hot date night, huh? We enjoyed it. Dinner and Target.

When we got home, Zoe was sound asleep on Papa's lap.

After she woke, we took a few pics. I'm pretty sure she was still half-sleeping though.

Sorry for the delayed updates. Between work and Zoe not feeling well, we've had our hands full this last week-plus.

Zoe has a cardiology appointment next week, with a scheduled ECHO. The plan was to stop her Digoxin (the medication that helps her heart "squeeze"), but we may not be able to get her off of it in time for her ECHO if she doesn't start feeling better soon.

Prayers and positive energy for Zoe to pep up this week and for whatever is causing her discomfort (teeth, reflux, a slight cold) to pass quickly.


  1. She is so sweet.. I adore her! Try to get some rest for you. It does get easier and the overkill will die down.. I was EXACTLY like you. The slightest bit of anything, i'd call cardiology.

    Our cardiology appt is on Monday. What about yours??

  2. I can't imagine - overkill is normal when they're so young, coupled with her condition... Like I said, I can't imagine. I'm glad you had a date night (dinner and Target is definitely a date night in our book!)! Thank you for the pictures. She's just so darn sweet. Those eyes. I hope she is feeling better very soon. Positive energy and white light coming your way. And I hope you get some rest too!

  3. She is just soo stinkin adorable. :) I know how you feel with the overkill. I ALWAYS call the cardiologist first. 90% of the time, he tells me to call the pediatrician. :) Oh well, we want to cover all our bases, right? :)