Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beyond Grateful

Two very important people entered our lives in December of 2009. They've offered knowledge, advice, treatment and hope. They've worked, in tandem, with the same goal in mind - Zoe's health and well-being. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank them, publicly.

Dr. Stock,

You've been amazing. Even when I pry and plead with you to tell me that we're "in the clear," knowing this cannot be done with certainty, you always find a way to pacify me. You're good like that. You've been up-front, honest and provided comfort from the beginning - the beginning being the day after I learned that my sweet baby (who was then unnamed) may not survive. You gave us our first glimpse of hope. I can't thank you enough for that; for granting us that hope which led to our ultimate decision to bring Ms. Zoe into this world. You've followed her very closely and caught hiccups along the way - potentially life-threatening hiccups. Just because we are post-Hemi Fontan, don't think the obnoxious texting will cease. We may be out of the deep woods, but the forest still has trees.

Dr. Szwast,

You, without question, didn't hesitate to give us hope. Each trip to Philadelphia raised our confidence levels in our decision to travel from Arizona. You made me wear oxygen masks and ran funny tests. You called Zoe your "model" before she was even born. You kept a close eye (ok, ear) on her while she was in Arizona. During her hospitalizations, you were always there to check in and make sure things were going as planned. If not, you were on top of it. You answered my emails, even taking into account our 3-hour time difference. And yes, on weekends too. You worried, but didn't let us know just how much until we were "in the clear." I was happy that you were the last person we saw on our way out of CHOP - especially given your last minute suture removal. We will miss seeing you and chatting so often, but hope we don't have to see you for some time.

Somehow, Drs. Stock and Szwast, "thank you" doesn't seem enough. I'm not sure I could ever fully express my appreciation for all you've done. I promise to take care of our little girl and love her forever.

With deepest gratitude,


  1. That was so sweet. I don't think I have one picture of Owen and Dr Stock and he'll have you to thank when I pull out the camera at our next visit! Owen has seen him every 4-6 weeks since I was preggers and you know how amazing he is!

    Great post.