Friday, October 8, 2010

And, we're weaning...

We headed off to Zoe's cardiology appointment early this morning. I told friends and family that I was not accepting anything but good news. Apparently, I should do that more often.

Zoe's vitals were great today. Her oxygen saturations steady at 90%. Just perfect! Dr. Stock was very pleased with how Zoe looked. She even gave him a smile today. Emerson joined us today and did not like seeing Zoe AND mommy on the hospital bed. She insisted she join us during Zoe's echo.

Zoe cooperated, most of the time. As you can see, she's trying to boot me in the head. Regardless, the tech got good pictures. Zoe's echo demonstrated normal heart function (with the already known "on the small side" left pulmonary artery and descending aorta.) We remain positive that both the artery and aorta will grow along with her normal development.

During our consult, we discussed weaning Zoe off of her diuretics in the next week and then off of the Digoxin. Let's hope the weaning is successful. If so, she'll require only 3 meds (Aspirin, Enalipril and Prevacid.)

Zoe weighed in today at 12.54 pounds and will begin eating cereal next week. Wow, she's already growing up so fast! At 12.54 pounds, Zoe is in the 10th percentile for weight - a huge feat for a heart baby! Zoe's appointment went so well that we're going to start weaning her cardiology visits. Next appointment is in 4 weeks, then we'll go to 6, then 8!

I am so happy that we received good news today. It has been a very trying and emotional week. The CHD community suffered tremendously, loosing 12 children around the country to this horrible disease. This has got to stop. Please help = Raise awareness. Tell one person about CHDs and its effect on thousands of children each year.

Without awareness, Congenital Heart Defects will go on as a silent killer. With awareness comes funding. With funding comes research. With research comes hope. With hope comes life.


  1. I'm so glad Zoe had a great visit! 90% sats are amazing and the weight gain... WOW!

    Way to go Zoe!