Friday, May 14, 2010

Zoe's vote = not to vent

We visited Zoe for awhile tonight. She was awake for a good portion of our time at her bedside. She was moving her legs, her arms, and she was trying to cry. I say trying because, with the ventilator in, she can't make any noise.

Speaking of the ventilator, it appears Ms. Zoe is ready to take this matter into her own hands:

Zoe's tests tonight yielded good results and all her vitals are stable. As a result, they are going to try and extubate her again in the morning. Judging by Zoe's conscious reaction to the ventilator, she will be more than happy to have it out. She may even beat the doctors to the punch.

It was great to spend some time looking into Zoe's eyes tonight, particularly after two days of sedation and Vaseline coated eyelids. We're optimistic for a good day tommorrow and we are confident Zoe will deliver.

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  1. Yeah!!!! Zoe is a toughie! Sending love and positive energy...