Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The "I" word! Intervention.

We just received another update. Unfortunately, because the shunt is either narrowing or kinking, the cardiologists deemed it necessary to place a stent in the shunt. They are just beginning that process now. After the stent is implanted, they will take some more pictures, pressures, and measurements from the various heart chambers. Because intervention was required, the procedure could last another two or three hours.

This likely explains Zoe's low oxygen sats yesterday. We told several nurses and at least one physician that's what we thought, but they didn't seem so sure. Well now we know. It's a good thing that cath was already scheduled, so any larger problems could be avoided.

Obviously we have many questions, and won't have a chance to get those answered until after the procedure, when the doctors come talk to us.

Keep your fingers crossed that the rest of the procedure goes well and the stent does the trick for the next several months, in terms of maintaining the integrity of the shunt.

We will receive another update in 30 minutes or so.


  1. Thanks for the continuous updates, Caleb. Still thinking and praying for Miss Zoe.

  2. Fingers are definitely crossed. Thanks goodness the procedure was already scheduled for today. Positive energy continues to flow...