Monday, May 17, 2010

No shirt, but how about a mohawk?

Today we took a bag full of preemie and infant clothes to the hospital, as we were told Zoe may be able to wear clothes today. She was sleeping so much today, we never got a chance to get a shirt on her, she did, however, get a new hairstyle, compliments of Nurse Jay.


Zoe was weaned off her nitric oxide today, which means her heart and lungs are working together and her body is really improving its efforts with breathing. She is still on oxygen, as a supplement, but her cardiologist said today that Zoe's oxygen saturation levels are very good, therefore she is confident that Zoe will do just fine with breathing, once the oxygen is ceased.

She also continues to receive feedings through her NG tube, while receiving bottle feedings as a supplement. The goal is to increase the bottle feedings and simultaneously decrease the NG tube feedings, until it can be removed completely. One of her nurses today said that there is improvement with every feeding and Zoe will be just fine with her feedings.

Zoe received visits today from the cardiologist following her at CHOP, a neo-natology fellow, and a speech therapist. The speech therapist said there are no speech issues, but suggested a slow flow nipple when feeding from a bottle. Her cardiologist said she is doing "great!" She said her chest x-ray from today looked really good. Indicated she is confident about the respiratory situation, and suggested all she needs to do is work on her feeding.

All in all, our little warrior is doing very, very well under the circumstances. We were able to hold her for two extended periods today, once for about 20 minutes, then a second time for about 40 minutes. Finally getting to hold her, after all the time on sedation and hooked up to wires, for a moment, makes things feel totally normal, like nothing else is wrong.

Stacey even gave Zoe her first nickname today, "monkey toes." As you can see from her foot, it is a fitting name.

Hopefully, we will we have pictures of Ms. Zoe in clothes very soon. I'm sure she is tired of being naked all the time and would like some warm baby clothes.

Your positive thoughts and prayers are clearly helping, please continue to send them for Zoe's ongoing recovery.


  1. AMEN!! We will keep praying for your beautiful little angel! When she is 15, just remember how much you admired her fighting spirit as an infant!