Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zoe's graduating!!

Ms. Zoe had an excellent day today! She is really recovering like a champ from her Norwood operation.

Zoe continues to be weaned from her oxygen, she is down to 50% oxygen and with that level her oxygen saturation is even better than what the cardiologist wanted. She is also doing better with her feedings. They are trying bottle feedings first, then what she doesn't finish from the bottle, she gets through her NG tube. She is doing well with the bottle feeding, so well one of the nurses suggested the NG tube may come out soon. Also, Stacey was able to breastfeed Zoe for the first time today and Zoe performed like a natural!

All in all, we couldn't ask for a better recovery. The professionals agree, that's why Zoe will be transferred to the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) tomorrow morning, which is considered the step-down unit from the intensive care. Once in the CCU she won't get the nursing attention she received in the intensive care unit, but she also doesn't need it. The step down unit is where we will start to receive hands-on training on HLHS related issues, things we will need to know once we get Zoe home.

Today, we spent a long time hanging out with Zoe. Stacey held her for awhile and I held her for two and a half hours straight! She only cried for about 5 minutes of that time. Not bad dad.

Zoe and her pod mates were also entertained by musician Woody Wolfe. Once a week he tours the cardiac intensive care unit and plays his guitar and sings for the kids. Zoe seemed to like the music.

In other firsts, Zoe graced us with her first smile today. Granted, I think the smile was prompted by an episode of gas.

We will update tomorrow from our new digs in the CCU.


  1. Yeah!!! Gas or not, she's absolutely precious! And it looks like there's clothes on under that blanket too. Yet another victory. I can't believe how strong and determined Zoe is! Just wait 'til she's a teenager! Good luck with the move today.

  2. I am so happy for you guys! Zoe is a champ! I love your blog updates Caleb - you put such a humorous twist on even very serious subjects :) Congrats and good luck to all of you! SO excited for Zoe to come home to Phoenix and meet everyone who loves her!

  3. What a smile! I am so glad that things are going well for your family. Can't wait to meet her.
    With love,
    Dave Bilek

  4. What a wonderful blog. This is my first time reading it and I've just finished reading all the posts since Zoe was born. I especially liked the blog from Saturday 15th May. I continue to surround all of you daily with my prayers and thoughts. May Zoe grow in strength each day and thank you for sharing all of this with us. Caroline MacDonald