Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's always nice spending time with your sister. My sister came to visit for the holidays and I got to see her quite a bit - more so than usual.

We explained to Emmy that mommy and Aunt Stephie are sisters, just like she and Zoe are sisters. I'm pretty sure she wasn't following...

Regardless, we took some cute pictures of the sisters hangin' out.

(Zoe and Emmy)

(Stephanie and Stacey)

We captured a video of Emmy making her sister laugh too; thank goodness for the quickness of the phone camcorder. Unfortunately, no video of Stephanie making Stacey laugh. Maybe next year. Sorry about the sideways view, still need to master the Droid camcorder.


  1. Cute phtos!! Glad you enjoyed some nice sisterly time!

  2. The video is priceless! Awesome to see Emmy interacting with Zoe!! I'm glad you and your sis got to spend some time as well. <3

  3. love that video!!!
    i wish to watch it over and over!!

  4. i think uncle brian needs to step in and give emmy some voice lessons! hahahah . loved it can't wait to see my girls! ( yes you are included in that)