Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Pictures...Finally

Caleb and I took the girls over to my parents' house for some Halloween photos. As you can see, Emmy and Zoe weren't too interested.

(Zoe the Bumblebee)

(Emmy as Brobee)

(The girls' first Halloween)

(Happy Lihn Family, this picture pretty much sums up the photo session)

Trick-or-treating went a little smoother. Emerson practiced knocking on doors, saying trick-or-treat and thank you before leaving the house. When it came game time, however, she was all mute.

She made it down the street, and back, then squatted down and began frantically trying to unwrap a tootsie pop. We came home and Emmy checked out the goods.

We let her go crazy. She soon was double-fisting her candy.

She was nice enough to share with her little sister, at least.

Emmy must have enjoyed herself, she's already talking about picking out her costume for next year.

On deck for this week:

Cardiology Appointment

Zoe's cardiology appointment is tomorrow. She will have a full work-up and we'll see how her heart is functioning off of her heart med, Digoxin. Positive energy and prayers, please, for a normal-functioning heart!


My sister and brother-in-law are coming into town on Thursday, bringing with them some of Zoe's biggest supporters from San Francisco for the big event on Sunday.

Heart Walk

This Sunday is Phoenix's Inaugural Congenital Heart Walk in Tempe, Arizona. Team Zoe is 45 members strong! Unfortunately, Zoe will not be in attendence as she is still awaiting some very important vaccinations. We can't wait to post pictures from the walk and share this special day with all of you, Zoe's supporters near and far.

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  1. The last picture cracked me up. That was us last year. Logan was not having any part of Halloween that year. This year he was excited for it the entire time.

    Saying lots of prayers for Zoe's cardiology check up.