Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zoe's Night

Zoe had a good night. Her head is quite swollen, but her pain is being managed with Morphine and Dex (a sedative which does not interfere with respiration.) She took a 4 oz bottle of pedialyte this morning and will hopefully tolerate breastmilk today. Her chest xray this morning was a little fuzzy, meaning she has some fluid on her lungs. They anticipate this will clear with diuretics. Throughout the night, Zoe's blood gas continued to improve. Her carbon dioxide levels are decreasing, slowly. She is taking small steps toward recovery.

In about an hour, CHOP is conducting professor rounds in the CICU, which includes Dr. Spray. I must run, don't want to miss his report on Ms. Zoe.


  1. I'm glad you had a great night with little Miss Zoe!! I still can't believe that she eats like such a champ! I could only wish that Owen would have taken a bottle...once.

  2. I wish Zoe didn't have to go through all of this but it sounds like she is recovering as well as can be expected. Prayers for Zoe, and for you and Caleb. Get some much needed rest!