Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Hero (Second to Zoes)

"Thanks for saving my baby's life." That is all I could say to the man who works miracles with his hands.

As some of you know, Dr. Spray is not a big "hugger." Nonetheless, I figured he might allow a quick picture, and he did, just minutes after completing Zoe's second open heart surgery. Someday, I hope to get one of he and Zoe, but this'll have to do for now.

I want to thank Zoe's entire team, both here at CHOP and Arizona Pediatric Cardiology in Phoenix. They've kept a very close eye on Ms. Zoe these past four months and worried about her much more than they led on (as admitted to us when we arrived in Philadelphia.) And a special thank you to Dr. John Stock, who, probably regretably, gave me his cell phone number. He's responded to my after-hours texts on a regular basis, without hesitation. Most recently, yesterday afternoon.

Which brings us to today. We're on our way home. It seems surreal that we are to go home, and relax. Is that possible? Many of my heart mom friends say it is...to some degree. We'll do our best.

Thank you, all of you, who sent loving thoughts, positive energy and prayers to us during this most recent phase of our journey. It has been challenging. Far more challenging than I thought. Seeing Zoe in tremendous pain, holding late nights in the hospital, witnessing new and distraught mothers being wheeled to the CICU to see their babies and rooms upon rooms of ailing children really takes its toll. Our children are amazing. Zoe is amazing.

Now, we can allow Zoe to heal and hopefully have several months (20-32) before her next needed procedure - The Fontan - the last of the 3-staged surgeries required for HLHS babies. Thoughts and prayers for smooth sailing!

We will continue to share our journey with you, as I know many of you love Zoe dearly and want to keep updated on her progress. Now that Zoe is post-hemi-Fontan, I can start thinking of important things (besides back to work) like Halloween costumes for the girls!

Love to all,
The Lihns


  1. So happy you guys are home. Yes you can now relax to a degree. You are post-Glenn. Thank God! I am still so envious that you got a picture with Dr. Spray lol. Enjoy being under one roof again!

  2. Sooo glad you're on your way home! OMG Zoe looks much much better. Phew. Hugs and a sigh of relief. And an extra hug for Emmy, huh Mom? ~grin~

  3. I burst into tears reading the very first line. It's unbelievable what these people can do. I am amazed, thankful and in awe of what they can do for our children. I'm so glad that things went so well for Zoe and it's behind you all now. Life after the Glenn is soo much better and easier.

  4. YAY YAY YAY for Zoes (and you all!) Praise God! Let me know how that whole "relaxing" thing goes - I'm still working on it. LOL. I still have Bodie on pulse-ox all night (hoping to stop once his sats settle to wherever they're going to). Congrats on being home!!!

  5. Great pic, Stace! Glad to see you gave him a hug! Not quite the "kissing his feet and kneeling before him" that I expected, but it will do :)

  6. So glad you are all doing well. We continue to send you our love, as ever. Hope to connect the next time we are in AZ to stand in wonder of the lovely Lihn family. -Ann, Ivar, and Ayla, too