Monday, September 20, 2010

Zoe and Curtis

Here they are, the troublesome two. Curtis and Zoe have been through a lot together. Curtis was born a few weeks before Zoe. Curtis and Zoe were podmates after their Norwood. They've struggled with complications and fought to their Glenn/Hemi. Both will be discharged tomorrow, happy and healthier!

These two wild ones were up again late last night. I talked to Curtis' mom who was well aware of their shenanigans. In fact, she returned to the hospital at 1 a.m. to find Curtis sitting pretty in his nurses lap and Zoe next to them in a stroller at the nurses station. These two are too much! Just look at their faces. Curtis is giving Zoe a nudge, "Don't tell them anything Zoes!" After this picture was taken, Zoe and Curtis returned to their NAP! They slept all afternoon. Must have a rager planned for their last night together.

Thankfully, Zoe's nurse pointed out that we're 3 hours behind in Arizona, so Zoe should be in bed by midnight when we get home. Zoe's nickname at CHOP is now "Arizona." She likes it. Too bad her buddy Curtis is from Louisiana...and a Saints fan. Boo, Hiss.

Hopefully, Zoe will get to hang out with Curtis again when they return for their Fontan surgeries.


  1. They both look too innocent! I can imagine they have been scheming for their last night together party! I have been following your family's journey....I am an NICU nurse 20+ years, and have seen families struggle through what you are sharing here. You are a great family for Miss Zoe! She is blessed to have you as parents!

  2. How cute! Wouldn't it be hilarious if they grew up best buds and shared their stories of their wild PICU parties :) Love that picture!

  3. Oh my gosh, so funny! I am almost in tears! It wouldn't be nearly as funny if you weren't telling the story, Stace :) Thanks for always being funny :) So glad you guys are coming home!!!! Safe travels today!

  4. Zoe is looking at at the camera like "Mom, please. Can you please stop taking pictures of me in this hideous hospital gown?"