Monday, September 13, 2010

Cath Complete

Zoe did well during her cath. We met with Dr. Glatz (Zoe's interventionist) following the procedure and viewed the cath photos. Fascinating.

Most importantly, Dr. Glatz informed us that Zoe is ready for her Glenn. The stents are still in place and her shunt is open. Her left pulmonary artery is mildly to moderately narrowed, but will be fixed tomorrow by Dr. Spray. There is also very slight narrowing of her arch, but no intervention necessary - we'll just keep an eye on it. I asked Dr. Glatz if her arch could still narrow and he stated that most "single vents" narrow interstage 1-2 and only a few narrow post stage 2. Zoe's heart function is on the lower side of normal (which we already knew.) There is a good chance that her function will improve post-Glenn as this surgery will offload the work of her right ventricle, allowing her heart to pump more effectively. She has NO tricuspid regurgitation. For those of you not in the heart community, this is very good news.

Zoe's clot in her left femoral artery is still present; less-so than 3 months ago, but enough to prevent any future caths at that site. She has some flow through the artery and plenty of collaterals to allow flow and growth. Her right vein and artery are wide open and available if ever needed for future caths. Good news is, we expect to get the clearance to stop the Lovenox injections after her Glenn. Yay!

Dr. Glatz is meeting with Dr. Spray to discuss Zoe's surgery and we will receive a surgery time later this afternoon.

Zoe is recovering and still snoozing from sedation. As soon as she wakes, she'll be hungry and ready to eat. Zoe will spend the night in the hospital (along with mom and dad) tonight and wake bright and early for the next stage.

Thank you for all of your love and support. Zoe is doing great!

The Lihns


  1. Great cath news!! I'm sure Zoe will sail through the Glenn.. she is such a trooper. I loved all the pictures around Philly.

    Does you husband seriously spend the night at the hospital with you guys??? Tell him he deserves a medal for that! I always stay, but Carson never could.

    Keep us posted on the surgery dates... we'll be praying and thinking of you guys!

  2. Yay!!!! Great news! Zoe rocks!! (Thank you, Dr. Glatz.)

  3. Great news! Zoe, I will be praying for you, as well as mommy and daddy!