Saturday, September 11, 2010

Room number what?

Late this afternoon, Caleb, Zoe and myself ventured out for a walk through the U Penn campus. When we returned to the hotel, our room felt like a sauna. The "engineer" came to our room and verified the A/C was on the fritz. Yeah, thanks guy.

As I fed Zoe a bottle, Caleb began packing and transferring our stuff to a room across the hall. Clearly, Caleb and I have different senses of smell. As soon as everything was moved, I walked in and smelled nasty, stale smoke. Ick! I insisted that we be moved to another room. Poor Caleb began gathering our things, for a second time, to relocate. This time, to the tenth floor. He began moving with help from the bell hop. When Caleb returned, I told him that perhaps I should check out the room first and make sure it meets my approval. :) He just looked at me and said, "it will be just fine."

When we arrived to our new room, the bell hop smiled at me as she opened the door. The first thing I saw...a dining room table. Second thing, a bar, refrigerator, microwave and two flat screen tvs - one in the sitting room and the other in the bedroom. The bell hop looked at me, smiled again, and said, "my favorite is the shower." Now, mommy was pleased. I think Zoe liked the new spacious room too.

After our rough night, we picked up cheesesteaks and some famous Yuengling beer and called it a night.


  1. When Mommy is happy, everybody's happy. (At least that's the way it works in this house.) :o) Ms. Zoe is SO CUTE! And the cheesesteak is almost is big as she is! ~grin~ Although it's not currently my status on FB, please be aware that positive energy and white light are still being sent your way consistently.

  2. Hope on top of more hope comes your way, great confidence that you all are in the right place, and prayers for all the people who will be working on Zoe in the coming days will be said. Tomorrow looks like a tough day, but Zoe is tougher, and she has a good Mommy and Dad.
    Wishing you our very best. -- Karen & Cliff

  3. She just could not get any cuter. Absolutely adorable. We will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers for an uneventful and quick cath tomorrow.
    Heart hugs,