Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Progress Continues

Fortunately, there is not too much to update on Ms. Zoe. As expected she is still pretty swollen in the upper torso and head, which causes the severe headaches. They are keeping her as comfortable as possible with Tylenol and Morphine. She is now starting to remain awake for longer periods of time. Her high flow oxygen has been reduced to 2L of regular flow. She's also been weaned off one of the heart function meds. She continues to progress. In fact, tomorrow she will be promoted/moved to the CCU or step-down unit. That move means her care is no longer intensive and she does not require one to one nursing care. Overall, Zoe is doing as well as can be expected.

The goals for tomorrow, after her move to the CCU, are to continue to wean down the oxygen, pain management, and flushing of fluids to bring down the swelling.

In the meantime, since we were told our posts have been "factual and serious," below are several photos taken throughout the process.

(Zoe's post-surgical set-up)

(Concerned mommy)

(With this BiPap mask, who wouldn't be angry?)

(Mom holding Zoes for the first time post-surgery)

(Daddy feeding Zoes for the first time post-surgery)

(Hanging out with Ronny Mac)

Okay, off to bed. We got a sleep room at the hospital again tonight. This will allow us to check on Zoe periodically throughout the night and early morning. As of Thursday night, we will resume staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

We will update some more tomorrow.

The Lihns


  1. She is rocking this!! I am so excited to hear that she will be moving to step down.. that's HUGE! We continue to pray.

  2. Yeah Zoe! She is doing so great! I'm so happy to hear it! Our thoughts and prayers are with you with a continued swift and "boring" recovery.:)

  3. Oh Stace, so touching to see the photo of you holding Zoe for the first time post-op. You can tell she is uncomfortable, but the way she is touching your face... Sweet Zoe. So glad she is continually improving. Love the updates, even if they are "serious and factual" :)

  4. Glad that Zoe is making some progress!! Saying lots of prayers for continued healing and a smooth recovery.