Friday, July 8, 2011

MRI Underway

About an hour ago, anesthesia took Zoe back to get her ready for the MRI. Before she went back she was given Versed to make her drowsy. Once back in the intervention lab, she will be given a IV anesthesia and intubated. The MRI scan itself should take about an hour.

We also just spoke to Dr. Glatz. He explained that he was a bit biased to performing a cath, if nothing else to obtain pressures inside the heart and lungs which can't be obtained via MRI. He said if he had to "guess" he didn't think intervention would be neccesary.

After the MRI, Drs. Szwast (Zoe's CHOP cardiologist), Glatz (Zoe's interventional cardiologist) and Harris (cardiac radiologist) will review the MRI findings and determine whether to move forward with the cath.

We will receive an update shortly.

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  1. Thanks for the update Stacey! Sending thoughts, prayers and hugs to you guys!!