Friday, July 29, 2011

"Live it Up!"

Zoe had her routine cardiology appointment, which also served as her follow up post-cath appointment, today. And...


Emerson joined us today since Grandma and Grandpa are up north at the cabin. Emerson proved herself a wonderful big sister, keeping Zoe preoccupied as she waited for her exam.

Even though it was an early morning wake-up, Zoe cooperated for her ekg and echo. With her relaxing during the echo, the tech was able to get some good pictures of Zoe's heart. Dr. Stock said that her function looked "NORMAL"; better than before.

(Chillin' with my lolli and DVD...)

We discussed Zoe's recent MRI/CATH in Philadelphia and Dr. Stock is pleased with the outcome(s). When we told him that Dr. Szwast is aiming for her next open heart surgery (the Fontan) at age 3, he chuckled and said, "we'll see." Seriously doc, don't rain on our parade :) Dr. Stock saw the look on my face and followed up with a "you guys can have a nice year off." I thought to myself, Hmmmm....last time you said that, we weren't so lucky....

The timing of Zoe's next surgery is completely up to her, and her body. They'll know she's "ready" when her oxygen saturations begin to decline and her coloring changes from pink to blue.

Zoe's tune up in Philadelphia was a success and we're not due back for a cardiology visit for another FOUR months! As Dr. Stock left the consult room he turned around and said goodbye to Zoe. The look on her face was priceless. She grinned big and wide, squinted her eyes and gave him the most mischevious stare-down. Oh, that girl is definitely going to give me grays and wrinkles - and I'll cherish every single strand and line.

We are fortunate. Very fortunate.

The good condition of Zoe's heart is not lost on us. Not for a split second. In the last few weeks, as many heart families lost a child, received disheartening news or lost some hope, we are able to be thankful for each day - we are especially thankful for the days when we can lose sight (if only for a short while) that her little heart is only half-whole.

Keep up the good fight, Miss Zoes. Your mom, dad and big sister (along with hundreds of fans) are so very proud of you!

A fellow heart momma commented today on facebook - after the positive cardio news - with the message, "Live it Up!"
Thank you, Michelle, and everyone supporting our baby girl.
Live it Up, we will!


  1. Love it!!! :) :) Keep up the good work Zoes!!!

  2. Nothing better than leaving the doctor with a smile! GOOD JOB ZOE!

  3. Meghan (Brooklyn's Mom)July 29, 2011 at 7:19 PM

    Zoe certainly sets the bar! Great job kiddo!

  4. Go Zoesie! And Emmy rocks! Much love to the Lihns!!

  5. Hi Stacey! Your welcome. Will always be rooting for your little Zoe. I know I live my life in increments with Alexa, from one visit to the next - hold my breath right before and hopefully sigh in relief as we walk out. Hugs to you momma!

  6. I love to hear all is well! Way to go Zoe!

  7. GREAT news to hear!!! Live it up indeed!!!