Friday, July 8, 2011

Cath Over

So the cath is over...sorry for the delayed update, we were talking to the docs and were with Zoe for a bit.

They ended up needing to do some intervention during the cath. Specifically, they had to balloon dialate the left pulmonary artery, which was fairly narrowed. Dr. Glatz was happy with the outcome of the dialation. He also indicated that despite what the last two Echos indicated, the heart function is actually normal. Her aortic arch is also improved from the last cath. Overall, he said the heart looks really good. She does have collaterals, however, he said they are completely on par with what the average hypoplast kid has at this stage. So all in all it is pretty good news. The thing we were most concerned about was the decreased heart function, and the MRI and cath essentially relieved that concern. As of now, she is on pace to have her third planned open heart surgery, the Fontan, at age 3.

She is awake and extubated, but pretty uncomfortable and just vomited all over her bed. We have to make sure she remains still for the next hour and a half, which isn't easy for Zoe, she likes to move.

She will spend tonight in the hospital and have a chest xray and blood work in a few hours. Assuming those tests are normal, she should be discharged in the morning.

We will update again later. Thanks for all the positive, thoughts, energy and prayer.


  1. Very good news!!! Praying for an uneventful night and an early discharge tomorrow!

  2. Hey Stace, I'm so happy to hear the positive news. Sending lots of love and prayers to Philly!!!

  3. Thank God all looks good. I have been thinking of you and your sweet Zoe all day. Jake sends big hugs and kisses to his girlfriend :)

    Love from the Bakers!

  4. Just catching up on all the updates. Great news. Scary, stressful times. Lots of love and hugs.