Thursday, July 21, 2011

All is Well

We're baaaaaack... obviously.

Zoe did great on the plane ride home. She loved looking out the window, pointing and yelling. Not quite sure who she saw, but perhaps the angels on the wings.

When we returned home, Zoe received a huge welcome home hug from her big sister. Emerson was so happy to see her.

The next day, I realized that Emerson knew a lot more than I thought. She placed her Lambsie on the desk in our home office and used Caleb's Mac charger as an instrument. She placed the end of the Mac charger to Lambsie's chest and told me she needed to "fix Lambs' heart." Sweet, sweet girl. I nearly lost it.

Once home, Zoe took a few days to normalize and get back to baseline. Her sats were slow to rise, but now, we've reached all new highs...

I'm not sure if I should be concerned or jumping up and down...

Zoe's cardiologist in Philadelphia is not quite sure why her sats are so high, but doesn't see any reason for concern. Her explanation was a shoulder shrug and a "maybe she really likes the elevation in Phoenix." I like to think its all of the positive energy, Reiki and prayers she's been receiving over her lifetime.

So, we're home and all is well.

We've resumed 'normalcy' and are focused on having fun with our beautiful girls - who now fight like sisters. Zoe's biting really needs to regress as Emmy and I have a few bruises that we could do without. She's a fiesty one, I tell ya!

Emmy and Zoe had a great time at a recent HopeKids event at the Phoenix Children's Museum. Zoe finally met one of her biggest fans, and fellow CHD warrior, Trey.

Emerson was fascinated by the climbing maze and couldn't believe we'd never visited the museum before. Here is Emmy and I in the boat, way up high in the maze. Never realized I have a slight fear of heights...

We also went to our first movie, as a family, to see Winnie the Pooh - one of Emerson's favorites. The girls enjoyed the movie and loved eating at Johnny Rockets afterwards. Emerson "helped" Zoe put on her diner cap.

So, CHEERS to all is well and the Lihns remaining stress-free for [at least] the immediate future. Zoe's next cardiology appointment is late next week, so [at least] until then...


  1. What an awesome post! Love the pics. Glad everything is going so well :) BTW - thank you for introducing me to Reiki. I went to a Reiki Share with my mom the other night & we are going to take Reiki 1 & 2. Love it! Just started doing it on Kellen. I'll let you know how it goes!

  2. Oh to see 100 on a sat reader...what a feeling that must be! She looks GREAT. I know you all are happy to be home.

  3. I love how Emerson is being such a big sister. ~smile~ Miss you!