Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend we decided to forego our fantasy suite (i.e. housecleaning) and just enjoy our time together - a decision momma bear will likely regret on Monday morning.

Friday night's sunset set the mood for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

As you will see, Zoe has become increasingly more serious these past few days. I think she knows, or senses the looming trip to Philly. While I attempted to give her meds on Friday night, she grabbed the syringe out of my hand and refused to let go. I grabbed the camera and tried to snap a few, but with only one hand in play, didn't get the best photos. But you get the idea...

Emmy and I enjoyed another day at Harper's Landing. We're going to attempt another visit before we leave for Philadelphia, but you know how that goes...

(Emmy learning to blow bubbles in the pool.)

Now that football season is ramping up, Emmy and I pulled out our jerseys for the Cardinal's game on Saturday.

Mexican food and football, who could ask for anything more?

On Sunday, the girls were looking awfully cute, so we took a few sister pics. Zoe wasn't too thrilled, but she cooperated none-the-less. As soon as we sat Zoe in Emmy's lap, Emmy looked at Zoe and said, "Oh Zoe, cute outfit!"

It wasn't until I took these pictures of the girls that I really notice how "blue" Zoe is. Sitting her next to an unbelieveably pale Emmy doesn't help, but wow. She looks like Violet Beauregarde after she turns into a blueberry in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Soon, very soon, her color should improve. Not 100% improvement, but as her cardiologist says, "small steps still go forward."


  1. What beautiful pictures!!! You know, other than right around her eyes (esp the bridge of her nose), she doesn't look that blue to me!!! But I know how it feels - I think the same thing about Bodie when I put him next to Sierra, who's also pale. Your girls are so beautiful!

  2. LOVE the pics of you guys in matching jerseys. Beautiful pics of the girls. Jake still looks really blue in the sunlight but indoors he looks pink. I think we will always analyze their skin tone lol. I noticed Jake's duskiness when looking back at that photo shoot we did with him and Aidan. I think she looks GREAT!

    Love to you all!

  3. Don't you mean you chose to forego your individual suites for the fantasy suite??!! :) Too cute! I love how Emmy is commenting on Zoe's wardrobe :) Precious. Love the Beanie jersey, and Fitz too. I trust that the Leinart jersey has been retired. Miss you Stace. Would love to see you before Philly, if possible.

  4. Awww! Your girls are just beautiful. Aly does the same thing with her syringes. Or she will just keep her hand in front of her mouth and push it away whenever I get close. :) Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as your next Philly date approaches.

  5. your family is BEAUTIFUL....great pics..thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. Love the pics of Emmy and Zoe! Emmy is right, cute outfit Zoe!