Thursday, August 26, 2010

Philly Love

Bring it, Philly.

Two weeks from today, Caleb, Zoe and myself will be on a plane headed to Philadelphia. I love Philadelphia. Philly will always have a piece of my heart. Philadelphia saved my baby girl.

With that said, I have mixed emotions about this trip. On one hand, I can't wait to get there. On the other, I don't want to go anywhere near that hospital. As one fellow heart dad put it, "Hospital, you and I are developing a love/hate relationship."

I wish to fast-forward to one month post-op. Back home and happy. I don't want the cath lab. Zoe and the cath lab don't get along very well. I don't want to see her in pain. I especially don't want to sit with my hands tied while she suffers through Glenn headaches - a very common post-op symptom due to increased blood flow to the brain.

Our next two weeks will be hectic - preparing, mentally and physically. My lists are already mounting, much to Caleb's chagrin. Plane tickets, check. Portable oxygen container, check. Hotel reservations, check. At least the big ticket items are "checked." Its the odds and endsy stuff that seems to trip me up. Those last few to do items that never seem to get crossed off the list. Doesn't that drive you mad?! Or is it just me?

So, look out Philly, here we come. As much as we enjoyed you for two months in the Spring, we'll have to take in our favorites in one-eighth of the time. Hello Bassett's Ice Cream. Hello Jim's Steaks. Hello Boylan's soda. Hello DiBrunos. Hello Distrito Pineapple Margarita.

Ahhh, just look at that margarita. So good, someone took a picture of it!

Hmmmmm, I'm discovering a theme here. It's no surprise Philly was named the Fat Capitol of the United States a few years back. Hey, if anyone is entitled to indulge in a little emotional eating, I think I take the cake!


  1. I think all of us have a love/hate relationship with our 'heart' hospitals. I am thankful ours is only an hour away...I can't imagine having to prepare and travel there. I will be keeping Zoe and your family in my thoughts and prayers as you prepare for the next journey...the Glenn.

  2. I so understand how you feel about your heart hospital - we feel the same way and it's only across town! Praying that Zoe flies through recovery and you're loving life post-Glenn as soon as possible! Heart hugs...

  3. I wish I had gone out more. I was told Jim's steaks were really good but never went. Also that margarita looks so yummy! Cheers! Zoe will do great. I will be praying everyday and can't wait until you and Zoe are home post Glenn. Heart Hugs, Love you!

  4. Odds and endsy stuff... I know exactly what you're talking about. Not just you. I cannot even imaging the anxiety and anticipation you must be dealing with right now. Hugs for you and Caleb.