Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just Havin' Some Fun

With cold and flu season around the corner, we've been busy playing and getting out of the house as much as humanly possible (keeping in mind the 110+ degree weather in Arizona).

Zoe, who will be 16 months a week from today, is developing very well. Her physical therpaist is certain she will be walking soon. She's able to balance on her own, but when she realizes no one is holding on, she collapses. Her vocabulary is expanding as well. She's up to 15-20 words. This may not seem all that wonderful, but when you're told at 20 weeks pregnant that your child will likely have a lower IQ due to a lack of oxygen to the brain, you really celebrate developmental milestones.

With Zoe's development flourishing, she and Emmy are becoming great sisters - playing, laughing, fighting and biting. No hair pulling yet, so that's good. Emmy often tells me, "I love my sister." I'm almost certain she realizes just how special she really is.

As you know, Football is Back! The girls are ready for the season - as are mom and dad.

What we are not ready for is winter and all the germs that come with it. Emmy and Zoe got their flu shots late last week. Quite humorously, just prior to their shots, Emmy gave Zoe a hug - being a good big sister - and told her everything was gonna be okay.

But just after this picture was taken, the big sister went first. As soon as the needle went in, Emmy screamed and shed crocodile tears for a good 60 seconds. Next victim, Zoe. Zoe winced, no screams and not one tear. I guess Zoe will have to give her sister a big hug next time and say, "everything will be okay, little sister's here..."

And, for the next round of RSV shots that Zoe will receive from October through March/April, I bought Zoes the perfect shirt.

If you haven't donated or signed up for the Heart Walk with Team Zoe, there's still time! You can donate or sign up by clicking here.

Team Zoe T-Shirt design is 95% complete and we'd love to see Team Zoe come up big this year. Team Zoe is already getting some heat from Team Owen. We've been told to "Bring it!" Game on, Owen, game on!

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