Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Time Is It?

Since you asked...

It's time to buck up, sign up and get ready to walk/run with Team Zoe!!!

The 2nd Annual Phoenix Congenital Heart Walk/Run is only a few months away. Team Zoe will again be participating with the goal of raising awareness and research funding for congenital heart defects. We're hoping that our little warrior, Zoe, will be able to join us this year for the walk. (I can't promise, but depending on flu/rsv season, she may make an appearance...)

So, are YOU ready? Take a peak and see some of Zoe's extended family that led to Zoe's success last year.

Please come out and join TEAM ZOE the morning of November 6, 2011 and support the Lihn family and hundreds of other CHD families in our state and throughout the country. You can join or donate to TEAM ZOE by clicking here. To join, click "Join Our Team" or to donate, click "General Team Donation". All donations are tax-deductible.

Team Zoe will have their own T-Shirt design again this year - and trust me when I say, they're awesome! A big thank you to Aunt Stephanie and Joel and Erin Proto in San Francisco for their hard work. Stay tuned for the Team Zoe t-shirt reveal! They won't disappoint.

We look forward to making Team Zoe bigger and better this year. She's so worth it!


  1. Video is great! The pic you ended with couldn't have been more perfect. Let's do this! Go Team Zoe!!

  2. Ahhhhhh! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Go Zoe!

    - Amy & Bodie