Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I cannot believe we are one year - surgery free.  Yes, one year ago, today, Zoe underwent her second open heart surgery.

This past year has flown by so fast.  I've cherished every moment of it, even when Zoe's driven me completely mad!

Tomorrow morning when I wake, I'll remember watching her sleep peacefully prior to surgery...

I'll remember handing her over (once again) to Dr. Nicolson, Zoe's surgical anesthesiologist...

I'll remember the two hours I sat waiting, barely breathing, on 'the bridge' for Zoe's post-op nurse, John, to come and tell us she's still alive and doing well...

I'll remember hugging the man who saved her life twice-over...

I'll remember seeing Zoe for the first time and feeling my heart break at the sight of a newly bandaged chest...

And the moments after surgery that tore my heart out as she suffered...

I'll remember that this girl is a warrior, in more ways than one. One of my favorite pictures of Zoe was taken at CHOP, four days post Hemi-fontan. As is usual, when I look into her eyes, I swear I can see her soul. In this picture, I captured that souful 'look' that she gives me so often.

Most importantly, today on Zoe's Hemi-Anniversary, I'll remember how amazing my daughter is.  She's come so far in a year's time.  She's an energetic, full of life 16 month old toddler that brings me so much joy. She's ignited a passion that I've never experienced before. And brought me into a new family whom I love and couldn't live without.

With all of the memories that flood my mind and heart today, I thank her with all of my heart for showing me what it means to live life and be in the present moment. I look forward to spending Zoe's Hemi-Anniversary with her and telling her how lucky and honored I am to be her mom.

Happy Anniversary, Zoe Madison!  


  1. Happy Glenn-versary Ms. Zoe! You have taught us all what true strength is and the world is such a brighter place because of you. We love you beautiful girl!

  2. I was thinking about this this weekend, that in a few days it would be a year. It's gone so fast. Zoe Madison, Warrior Princess. She has a family of warriors as well. <3

  3. I'm ready to make this post on our blog. We just have 17 more months to wait for it. I am so happy for you guys and with how far your family and Zoe have come. She looks like she'll be a cute little football trash talker just like her mom =) ha ha ha.

  4. Zoe is soooo precious and cute! Happy hemi-fontan-anni Miss Zoe! And happy "year of no surgeries" mama!


    PS - Why is it making me post anonymously?!?! GRRRR... My Google account used to work :(

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this girl! She is such a fighter and gives the rest of us such strength. SO beautiful - and looking more and more like Emmy every day! Happy anniversary sweet girl!!!

  6. She is so beautiful! My daughter Madison will be having her Glenn in October. She is having her heart cath on Monday in preparation. Thanks for sharing your story to give the rest of extra hope!