Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zoe's Big Day

We did it. We (meaning all four of us) left the confines of our OCD home and went out, in public!

We took the girls out for a late lunch/early dinner to avoid large crowds. We sat on the patio (open-air)... Can you tell this was a well-thought out plan yet?

I'm fairly certain our waitress thought we (ok, I) was psychotic. I used nearly an entire box of Wet Ones to wipe down the table and every square inch of any surface which could harbor germs. Then, once we were all settled, I pulled out the camera. I had to document our first outing as a family. The waitress came with our drinks as I made animal noises in hopes that Zoe would look at the camera.

Perhaps the waitress thought I was a psychotic mom, on vacation...

I sorta was on vacation - vacation just happened to be about 5 minutes from our house!

Emmy was thrilled to be out of the house too, with her sister. This picture pretty much sums up her feelings on our afternoon vacation.

Emmy was so excited, she could barely sit still. Lord knows why Mama Ninfas was playing a hodge-podge of rock, but Emerson didn't mind and jammed to Billy Idol, Spin Doctors, Creedence Clearwater, Asia... you get the idea. Now, here's your visual.

After our linner came, I snapped some more photos and made Caleb get one of just the girls.

Zoe loved being out. The weather was perfect and she is a people-watcher, just like her big sister.

So, watch out Phoenix, Zoe is slowly emerging and making appearances. No, cold and flu season is not quite over yet, so she's still pretty much on lock-down, but it's a start.

I think the sisters are more than thrilled. Our first outing = success!

And, FYI, Zoe will begin physical and occupation therapy next week. After an evaluation by Arizona Early Intervention, she's been referred to the Department of Developmental Disabilities. What, you say? I know, I know. She's not REALLY disabled, but she certainly fell behind after all of her hospital stays and extended recovery times. The therapist believes she'll be caught up in no time and mobility on track - just in time to drive us mad for the summer months!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this update! Especially the pics - so cute! The girls look adorable - and I'm sure Zoes loved her day out! :-)

  2. Congrats on the freedom! Love the pictures. We took Jake to the zoo and the restaurant was crowded. I am proud I didn't wisk him out of there lol. Can't wait for the warmer weather so we can go out more.

    Your girls are so cute. Heart hugs always!