Saturday, March 26, 2011

Insane in the Membrane

The past several days have been hectic - fun hectic, but hectic none-the-less. The chaos started with a photoshoot for Zoe's cardiology office. The shoot was in Mesa at 4:15 p.m. - great timing for someone traveling with a cardiac kid from the far northwest valley. Thankfully, Zoe slept nearly the entire drive. And so, I thought she would be in a great mood for the photoshoot.

Not so much.

Trying to get ten single ventricle kids, who don't get out much, to sit still and smile for a camera is next to impossible.

Zoe took a few good pics and decided she would sport some serious crocodile tears. At the shoot, she finally met up with her HLHS buddy, Owen.

Zoe and Owen both see the Amazing Dr. Stock. We (the moms) thought it would be nice to get a cute picture of the two buddies together for Dr. Stock. Zoe and Owen were not of the same mind. This was all they gave us...

Sorry, Dr. Stock.

On Friday, it was girls' night. Not just any girls' night, but heart momma girls' night. Our conversation was a bit psychotic at times. I'm sure if anyone overheard our chats, they would think we were insane. We just kept saying (outloud), "we don't get out much..." We had a blast and, of course, Andrea (aka Mary Poppins) brought her camera along. Good thing one of us was using our noggin.

Yesterday, the Lihns ventured out of the house once again - to the Tempe Festival of the Arts. We strolled Mill Avenue and people watched.

We bought the girls matching sunhats, which Emerson insisted she "needed." Apparently it enhances her dancing skills.

Hopefully tomorrow, we can get a little rest and relaxation time before the start of a new week. Between work and play, I feel like my sanity is slowly slipping away. Caleb can certainly attest to that!


  1. Love the pic of your ladies night out! (You all deserve it!) I'm guessing Dr. Stock will get a kick out of the picture, as is LOL. You must keep the picture of dancing Emerson while waring her hat, along with your comment for when she's 15 or 16. ~grin~ Thank you for the updates. Hugs for the 4 of you. Keeping the fellow heart babes in my thoughts.

  2. The pics are funny fo the kids! Don't you just love their "cooperation" for photo ops. Little stinkers!!

    Glad you got enjoy heart mommies night out. Those are always fun....and ALWAYS needed!!